Husband’s jokes make wife worry |

Husband’s jokes make wife worry

I have been married for seven years to a wonderful man. We fell in love very deeply and have continued to have a strong marriage and friendship and a great sex life. However, lately, my husband is constantly making comments regarding a gay lifestyle and wanting to experiment with men. He says it in a joking way, but lately he has been joking way too much for my comfort. How do I approach the subject with him without accusing or offending him? I cannot stop thinking that he may truly be gay or at least that he is not satisfied with our sexual relationship. Is it normal for a man to joke around about sex with other men?


Please Help!

Wow, good question! On one hand, perhaps he is so comfortable with his masculinity that he could say these things in a joking way, and not be gay. I guess it all depends on the person joking about it whether it is normal. Normal is relative. You can tell him in a loving way that his comments are starting to make you question his sexuality. Don’t worry about offending him, don’t you think HE is being offensive to YOU by talking about sex with ANYONE else, especially a man? Most men who are not sexually satisfied would probably be thinking of or talking about other WOMEN, not MEN … unless of course, he was gay. That is a tough one. If he truly were gay, he needs to come to terms with that on his own, in his own due time. Try and create a loving and nurturing environment for him to talk about it and tell you if he chooses.

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