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Hydrogen Highway draws Mitsubishi

Allen Best

WHISTLER, B.C. Mitsubishi has decided to locate a global hydrogen production equipment business in British Columbia partly because of the plan to create a Hydrogen Highway between Vancouver and Whistler.As planned, the Hydrogen Highway will result in hydrogen refueling stations set up at several locations between Vancouver International Airport and Whistler. The project is slated to be showcased at the 2010 Olympics.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. Vice President Dick Cheney was recently in Jackson Hole, where he has a home and where a lot of well-heeled Republicans also have vacation homes. And so 150 or so people gathered at a $2,000-a-person fund raiser for Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, whose re-election is considered crucial if the Republicans are to maintain a majority in the Senate.But a handful of protesters also greeted Cheney. Suzy Kneeland, 39, carried a sign that read, “Dick, You Lied to USA about WMD.” Cheney smiled slightly and waved as his car went past. “While the vice president didn’t appear thrilled to see the protesters, he didn’t appear too bothered, either,” reported the Jackson Hole News & Guide,

KETCHUM, Idaho Part-time politician or full-time paramedic? To Randy Hall, president of the Ketchum City Council, the decision was easy. He was elected last November to a four-year term on the council, and he wants to stay there. As such, he will remain as a part-time firefighter in Ketchum and then travel one day a week to Twin Falls to work as a paramedic.He had been offered a job as a full-time paramedic with the Ketchum Fire Department, but according to city rules would have been forced to resign from the council, to avoid a conflict of interest.Hall’s decision to refuse the job did not set well with Ketchum Mayor Ed Simon, who told the Idaho Mountain Express that Hall’s decision was “selfish” and “disgraceful.” Hall had used public funding to become trained as a paramedic, and he should have therefore taken the position, said Simon. The newspaper observed that Simon’s perspective might be influenced by the fact that Hall is something of a political rival to Simon, and also may have mayoral ambitions.Vail Colorado

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