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Hypnotist will try to confirm virginity

Verena Dobnik
Associated Press
Vail, CO Colorado

NEW YORK ” How do you prove you’re a virgin in the town that inspired “Sex and the City”?

The producers of an off-Broadway show are giving away free tickets to anyone who can demonstrate his or her chastity.

Which raises the question: Just how will the theater know?

Producer Ken Davenport, 34, said a hypnotist would screen people standing in line for the free tickets to his 90-minute comedy, “My First Time,” and determine their status.

The “virgin” stunt serves the subject of the play, “which is to get people to talk about their first sexual experience, something that almost any person on the planet has in common, whether in the United States or Rome,” Davenport said.

The show is based on a decade-old Web site that invites people to anonymously share their stories about losing their virginity.

“I still have the Metallica shirt he wore that night,” one person wrote on the site.

The human lie detector, Sebastian Black, describes himself as a mind reader and a psychic hypnotist. “He’s a master of body language and tone of voice,” Davenport said.

Davenport could not say how many actual virgins were likely to be admitted to the theater for Thursday night’s opening.

“There are a limited number of ‘virgin tickets’ available,” he said. “However, there are not that many virgins in New York City.”

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