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I-70 ‘crisis’ actually is a blessing

Don Rogers

Let’s see here: A drive of two hours between Vail and Denver stretches to three or more at certain times of the weekend during winter and summer.The rest of the time – which is the overwhelming majority – you can drive just as fast as the State Patrol will let you between here and there.OK, this is a big, big problem requiring the expenditure of $5 billion to $6 billion to rectify?Meantime, for a lousy $500 million tops, Colorado’s massive budget problems could be solved. Imagine how a few well-placed billions could help our health care crisis. Gosh, wonder what a tiny fraction could do for the airport and saving more air travelers that pit stop at DIA. What else could make far better use of that amount? College tuition, K-12 funding, tourism promotion, environmental measures? Hey, maybe even a reservoir or two or three.Wouldn’t it be great if the $25 million or so, tab running, just to study this big congestion problem along I-70 were spent on, oh, just about anything else? Or if this oh-so-serious coalition of towns to solve I-70 congestion could be directed at some of our actual problems?Yes, yes, gridlock during part of the weekend during the peak seasons. The big repercussion? Slightly fewer day skiers at Vail and Beaver Creek? They still fill the Frontage Roads as it is. We need more people up here? During summer fewer off-road vehicles tearing up the forest? Fewer Front Rangers swarming the campsites? Gosh, truckers picking a different route?Has anyone – perish the thought – actually considered the true problems that would be created if it were even easier to stream into the High Country?Rather than ranting about “fixing” this transportation “crisis,” we ought to be thanking our lucky stars. Think about it. Please. Vail, Colorado

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