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I-70 noise memorandum of understanding

Stephen Loyd Wood


– Safe-driving techniques – The Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the town of Vail, along with trucking companies, will encourage safe driving on Interstate 70 by emphasizing speed compliance, the use of chains and the appropriate use of engine brakes.

– State involvement – The Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Department of Transportation will be encouraged to become involved and to add “your speed is” radar display signs at mile markers 177 and 173.

– Educational materials – The program will include brochures, CDs and other materials to better inform drivers on how to safely operate through the mountains.

– Seek funding – State and federal agencies will be approached for more funding, if needed.


– Increased speed enforcement – A formal request for greater enforcement of existing speed limits by the State Patrol and the Vail Police Department for all vehicles on I-70 through town.

– Muffler law enforcement – Increased enforcement of current state law requiring mufflers on vehicles with engine brakes, which levies a $500 fine for any truck with an engine brake but without a muffler. Ports of entry staff at Dumont and Loma will be asked to strictly enforce the law, and town officials will seek to effectively enforce the law on local roadways and job sites. Roadside safety inspectors will be asked to include a check of the muffler as part of their safety reviews on trucks.


– Inter-state cooperation – The association agrees to work with its affiliates in other states for the passage of a measure already in effect in Colorado requiring mufflers on trucks with engine brakes in order to further reduce the number of loud trucks passing through our state.

– Hike existing fines – The association and the town will explore the development of state legislation to hiking penalties for failure to maintain or alter a muffler. This legislation would apply to all vehicles.

Noise monitoring

– Noise meters – The association will seek to obtain a noise meter for the town to measure noise levels on I-70, as well as within the community.

– Establishing standards – The town will seek technical assistance from a third party in measuring noise levels and developing an enforceable maximum decibel standard.

– Evaluation – Noise tests will be conducted to evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of all mitigation efforts.

Pilot decibel-reduction project

Using the research identified above, the association and the town will jointly evaluate whether a maximum decibel standard for all vehicles passing through Vail could be developed based on noise standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for all vehicles in the corridor.

Temporary noise barriers

Using the T-Rex noise-abatement actions in Denver as a model, the town and the association will explore the use of temporary noise barriers, such as trailers, as a 30-day experimental program to measure noise-reduction impacts before construction of any permanent barriers.

Noise wall funding

The association will work with the town to begin discussions with state and federal officials to seek funding for a phased noise-wall program.

National research

The association agrees to pursue with the American Trucking Association a study on overall noise levels associated with trucks and measures that may be taken to mitigate such noise.

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