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I am William Wallace!

Scott Cunningham

A fight in downtown Gypsum Aug. 15 would have gotten medieval if not for the intervention of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department.The scuffle began when a man who was hanging out with his friends noticed a woman who he believed owed him money from a year ago. The man approached the woman, and an altercation between the two quickly broke out, during which the man allegedly bit the woman twice.Some nearby men who were with the woman joined in, as did the friends of the biter.The companions of the woman retreated, saying they were coming back. Upon hearing this, one of the alleged biter’s friends went home and retrieved a double-edged broadsword.It was then that sheriff’s officer arrived and arrested two men for third-degree assault. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct.Medicine manAn Avon Police officer driving down I-70 at 12:40 a.m. on Aug. 15 spotted a blue jeep with two missing taillights and pulled the vehicle over. After running the license through his computer, the officer learned there was a warrant out for the driver’s arrest.After searching the vehicle, he found a film container underneath the driver’s seat with a small amount of marijuana inside. A further search uncovered four bags of the green leafy substance hidden in a duffel bag.The suspect claimed that the marijuana belonged to a friend whose mother was sick, but he was subsequently arrested for possession of an illegal substance.I just called to say I’m sketchyAn Avon woman returning home from work on Aug. 14 found a threatening message on her answering machine.A disguised male voice repeated the phrase “Heyyyy, heyyy, heyyyy, I’m gonna get you for this. Heyyyy, heyyy, heyyyy, I’m gonna get you for this!” in what the officer who reviewed the message described as a menacing tone.Avon police were unable, however, to trace the phone call, and the case currently remains inactive.Cosmic experienceA man stargazing at the end of Mountain Star Road was arrested on Aug. 11 for possession of an illegal substance. An Avon Police officer spotted what he termed a “suspicious vehicle” parked underneath “No Parking” signs at the emergency turnout on Mountain Star Road.The man was standing in front of the vehicle, which was surrounded by several empty beer bottles lying on the ground. The officer also observed that the man had bloodshot eyes with dilated pupils and was slow to react.The man claimed to have stopped to observe a meteor shower. After searching the suspect’s person and his vehicle, the officer found a glass pipe and marijuana.– Scott Cunningham

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