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I.C.: Welcome to the Hall of Shame, Fredo

Ian Cropp

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have been a personal friend and confidant of President Bush, but he’s now officially one of the big-time Bushies.

When Republicans echoed Democrats’ calls for Gonzales to resign during the whole U.S. Attorney firing fiasco, he took a step in the direction of a Bush All-Star.

When Bush continually expressed his utmost confidence in the Attorney General, Gonzales’ stock took a Googlesque jump.

This past week it came out that in 2004, Gonzales (who was Bush’s counsel at the time) along with White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, tried to get Attorney General John Ashcroft to reauthorize Bush’s no-warrant wiretapping program while Ashcroft was sick in hospital with pancreatitis. Gonzales and fellow goon Card sought Ashcroft’s support only after the Deputy Attorney General at the time, James Comey, refused to recertify the program. Never mind that a sick Ashcroft didn’t have the power to recertify the program. Maybe it slipped the mind of Gonzales that Comey was acting as the attorney general at the time. Or maybe Gonzales just felt he could sidestep the law ” a great precedent for an Attorney General.

Gonzales and Andy Card did what I thought inhumanly impossible: Make Ashcroft look heroic. That’s harder than making Martin Luther King, Jr. look like a coward.

And of course, Bush still stands by Gonzales. Fredo (Bush’s nickname for him ” insert ironic kiss on the cheek here) has secured all the first-ballot votes he needed for the Bush Hall of Shame.

But don’t take my word for it.

Nine members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have called for the resignation of Gonzales, including three Republicans and the committee chair, Patrick Leahy. Two more Republicans have been critical of Gonzales. Only Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah has voiced support for Gonzales, while noting that Fredo messed up.

Gonzales is either an idiot savant or an idiot. He can’t remember what he or his staff did or didn’t do. He deletes sensitive e-mail like it’s spam. And when it comes time to testify, he looks like Alfred E. Newman.

If someone is going to spy on me and breach my civil liberties, I hope they are competent enough to do it right.

I don’t know what it will take for Bush to stop supporting Gonzales. But I do know this situation seems a lot like the time Bush sang the praises of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and FEMA mastermind Mike Brown.

Until Gonzales finally does step down, I guess all I can say is, “You’re doing a heck of a job, Fredo.”

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