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I don’t feel safer

Matt Zalaznick

North Korea and Iran are growling about launching their nukes. Hey, they’ve got the kinds of weapons Saddam didn’t – the kinds that aren’t only in Dick Cheney’s twisted imagination.Of course, Saddam wasn’t even threatening to fire the bombs he didn’t have. We bombed him even though he wasn’t even bluffing. Somalia, meanwhile, has been half-conquered by an al-Qaida-friendly nutcase. Somalia’s tourism industry has been ruined by years of rampant anarchy and warlordism, but it could become a hot spot for global terrorists looking for a place to train to kill Americans. And the Taliban is regaining strength in that other country we invaded after Sept. 11. You don’t hear much about Afghani-whatever anymore, but it’s almost as big a mess as Iraq, and lots of people are dying there, too, though none of dead are named Osama. Having failed to bring democracy to Afghanistan, W. and the quagmire kids hurried off to fail at bringing democracy to Iraq. So how, exactly, are our leaders protecting us? Well, the Republicans in Congress have bravely tried to save us from the mortal threats of flag burning and gay marriage. The Democrats are nowhere to be seen. And the quagmire kids are spending thousands of lives and billions of dollars trying to stop the insurgency they created in Iraq. Rummy’s running our military too ragged to do much of anything about Iran and North Korea. We can’t even puff up our chests and act tough. All we can do is shout “Put ’em up” and threaten these evil-doing countries with complete nuclear annihilation should they make any sudden movements. When the nukes are launched, nobody in the whole world is safe. Meanwhile, the Democrats are only heard from when they announce they’re reconsidering their stance on a woman’s freedom of choice. Such inspiring leadership!W. bragged about whacking Zarqawi. Big deal. W. created Zarqawi – it’s like Dr. Frankenstein finally catching his own monster after it has flattened a bunch of villages and squashed a bunch of innocent villagers. W.’s smug triumph is downright pathetic. He’d like Americans to forget that he was in Iraq before al-Qaida was. He’d like Americans to forget about that other terrorist mastermind – the tall, filthy rich evildoer who was actually involved in Sept. 11 – the bad buy W. hasn’t caught. Supporters of the Iraqi fiasco cling to the tired platitude that says America’s freedom is being preserved by the combat in Iraq. But fewer and fewer Americans seem to have a sense of just what war is being fought there. And fewer and fewer people are buying W.’s fantasy that the war being fought in Iraq is the war on terror. So how are Americans safer? I feel less safe. Americans should feel less safe – or at least no safer than they did the night of Sept. 11. City Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at 748-2926 or mzalaznick@vaildaily.com. Check out the Biased Liberal Media podcast at http://www.vaildaily.com/section/PODCASTVail, Colorado

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