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I hope it’s ‘Never Vail’

Peter Bergh
Edwards, CO, Colorado

Vail Resorts reminds me of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Having lost tens of millions of dollars building the Ritz at Beaver Creek (the lump with the leaky roof), and (rumor has it) a multiple of that number creating the Horrorbelle that displaced Lionshead (this turreted pile is an improvement?), one would think that VA’s corporate bigwigs would comprehend that development is just not their strong suit, as they are now 0 for 2 and in this game. Three strikes means you are likely out (of cash).

Past performance indicates that Mr. Katz’s $1.5 billion vision of “Ever Vail,” despite its would-be-oh-so-environmentally-friendly-green aura, would most likely follow suit.

I for one would welcome that this overblown concept be stillborn and soon become “Never Vail.” Enough, already.

It is interesting to note that in the latest issue of Ski Magazine, Vail and Sundance get equal billing.

Although the developers of both resorts talk the talk, only one walks the walk.

Vacationers have a choice and can frequent the Disneyesque hodgepodge that some downhill racers call “The Truck Stop” or enjoy an “authentic and environmentally conscious” resort created with good taste and environmental awareness from the get-go.

Mr. Katz and Co. would be wise to take to heart what many others learned in kindergarten: “Take some, pass some, leave some.”

Peter Bergh


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