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‘I just get in the elevator and press 4’

Allen Best

• Riding with another class down the gondola, one small student asked the instructor, “Are you borrowing me?”• A young boy peeks his head out of the bathroom and asks, “Why are you keeping us in here?”• When I asked Adrienne where she was from, she said, “I don’t know. I just get in the elevator and press 4.”• Teacher: My name is —. Now, can you all say my name?” Students: “My name.”• A child’s father passed the yard next to Chair 8 and waved to his young son. I explained to the child that his Dad was going up the “big mountain” and would probably be down soon.The young boy shook his head, “No, no. People never come down from there.”• With four little girls in the bathroom, one boy started to walk in and announced, “I don’t need to go. I’m just going to watch.”• After being thrown into the snow by Casey, our Mountain Man, little Spencer turned to me and said, “I can’t wait to come back to ski school and hit Casey in his private parts.”• Instructor: “Please don’t take off your mittens. Your hands are going to freeze and fall off.” Child: “Good. At least I wouldn’t have to wash them anymore.”• Instructor: “Everyone, guess my name. It begins with a K.” Children: Each child ventured an incorrect guess. Instructor: “No, my name is Kim.” Child: Can we try guessing again?”• One 5-year-old girl stated to one of her young, female classmates, “In New York City you can get lots of boyfriends. All you have to do is brush your hair and smile and they come running.”• One child was scratching his head all morning during class. With this, he complained to his instructor, “My head itches.” The instructor said, “It must be your wool hat.” The child responded, “No, I have lice.”• An instructor once asked a young skier if he had any brothers and sisters. He said, “No.” The instructor then asked if he thought he was going to have any in the future. The young student pondered over the question for a moment, then responded, “It depends on my mommy and daddy’s loving.”- Leslie Schurenstedt and the Instructors of the Lionshead Children’s Ski School, VailVail, Colorado

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