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I voted for action

Carole Onderdonk
Vail, CO, Colorado

VAIL – Congress is expected to take action on President Obama’s budget blueprint before the end of next week. This year’s budget is different from plans presented in years past. It includes significant investments in education, health care and energy, programs the president rightly argues are critical to our long-term economic recovery.

Members of Congress are grumbling that the president’s budget is too aggressive and too expensive, that it tries to do too much.

I disagree. I voted for Barack Obama because I strongly believed in the change he would bring to Washington: making health care affordable for all Americans, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, making American students competitive in the global marketplace and building a strong and sustainable economy.

I hope Congress will work with the president’s budget to invest in the future of America. In Colorado, we can’t afford not to.

Carole Onderdonk


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