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I would make all the same mistakes

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EAGLE COUNTY – The boom still echoes.After World War II, millions of returning military people made a lot of babies. Those kids – born between 1946 and 1964 – made up the Baby Boom generation. The first members of that generation turn 60 this year. We’ve asked locals who were born in 1946 to share their experiences by answering a few questions. Name: Lynn Feiger

Birthday: Oct. 12, 1946Where do you live? I live in Minturn on the Eagle River with my husband, Woody Woodruff and our black lab, Jazzy. We love almost everything about Minturn and it’s great to live somewhere you love. We have two grandsons, 4 and 1, who live in Denver and who also love Minturn – and Jazzy.I’m a lawyer who does plaintiff employment and civil rights law – under-dogs only, please – and practice in Denver, commuting down three days a week, starting officially in April. Having practiced law for 30-plus years, I am more than ready for a more outdoors- and physically-oriented existence. Name three turning points in you life: Sorry, there are four, not three:• The birth of my son.

• Winning the first sexual harassment case in the country in 1978.• Meeting my husband, Woody.• Buying our home in Minturn in 1991.What are you looking forward to? Weekday powder skiing, daily summer hiking and biking, sailing and kayaking in exotic places, designing a new home, having fun with my neighbors, grandparent time and exploring all kinds of stuff.If I had to do it over again: I would make all the same mistakes, because that’s the only way I could end up where I am now.

Thoughts on being 60: It sure seems ancient, but maybe you can be ancient without being an old person. Maybe you can just be looser, lighter, wilder and more in the here and now – until everything breaks down anyway. Vail, Colorado

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