Ice cream makes most people happy |

Ice cream makes most people happy

Cassie Pence
Vail Daily/Shane Macomber The women of the Vail Daily are forced to make some serious decisions when The Ice Cream Lady, Carrie Foster, stops by.

Marketing guru Mark Bricklin surprised the Vail Daily staff last Friday with an ice cream social at 4 p.m. Since reading the e-mail about the arrival of the Ice Cream Lady, my mind began to ponder over which creamy treat I would choose. Would it be fruity or chocolaty, Creamcicle or Popsicle?

Wearing in a straw sun hat, the Ice Cream Lady summoned the sugar-deprived staffers with the familiar melody of the yellow and white truck’s bell. People flooded out the doors and into the bright sun to choose their dairy delicacy from the colorful images plastered to the sides of the driveable dessert cart.

I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again, as I raced to the back of the truck, hopped on the step and peered down into the freezer full of goodies. Bottle Rockets, Chocolate Eclairs, Eskimo Pies, Rainbow Pops and Itsakadoozie all beckoned me to taste them.

I chose the Chocolate Eclair, but I was slightly disappointed. My first choice was the Strawberry Shortcake, soft strawberry ice cream flanked by vanilla and coated with little bits of shortcake all on a stick. Carrie Foster, Australian for Ice Cream Lady, sadly exclaimed she was fresh out.

But like the mind of an 8-year-old, I quickly forgot about Strawberry Shortcake and buzzed about the crowd to see what flavors enticed my fellow workers. Three bites into my Chocolate Eclair, I witnessed a new ad rep unwrapping his Strawberry Shortcake.

“I thought they were out,” I said.

“She had one more,” Mike said, “But you can have mine.”

Feeling like the most popular girl in school, I happily agreed and traded Mike my three-bite short of a full Chocolate Eclair for his Strawberry Shortcake. And it was good.

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