ID flap ends with a tasing |

ID flap ends with a tasing

Dustin Racioppi
Edwards, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EDWARDS, Colorado ” Sometimes a calm tone or a threat or even handcuffs apparently don’t work when trying to tame a belligerent and combative man in a bar.

That’s when the stun gun comes out, which happened to one Edwards man late Nov. 22 when he simply wouldn’t cooperate with the authorities.

A deputy was making a routine bar check at Rancho Viejo that night, and the bartender motioned for him to come over and check out a teenage-looking guy with watery and bloodshot eyes come up to the bar and buy a drink.

The deputy asked the man for identification, but instead received a laminated piece of paper with a picture attached to it. The sheriff’s report said the piece of paper was a hand written letter and didn’t resemble any type of legal ID.

The deputy asked to see the man’s driver’s license and he said no. Then he tried grabbing the laminated letter from the deputy’s hand, accidentally hitting him.

The door man came over and told the deputy he showed him a valid ID when he arrived. Again, they asked for his license, he said no, and again tried to grab the paper from the deputy, who then stuck an arm in the man’s chest telling him to cool it.

A backup deputy at the scene wasn’t as lenient. He grabbed the man by the shirt collar and took him outside the bar area. On the way outside, the man slipped and fell, then started becoming combative with the deputies. He tried running away but the deputies stopped him before he could with a shot in the back with a taser gun.

The man started cooperating after that, and was summonsed with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a police officer.

AVON, Colorado ” It is now safe to disregard working conditions and cough syrup as viable excuses for your crummy driving.

Eagle County deputies arrested a local man on Nov. 22 for several charges stemming from his bad driving.

According to the sheriff’s report, a deputy was driving east on Highway 6 and saw a red pickup truck cross the double yellow line and the deputy had to swerve out of the way so as not to get hit by the truck.

He turned around and followed the truck, which swerved again, causing the deputy to pull the man over. When he confronted the driver, he said he was staying in his lane. The deputy saw his eyes were bloodshot and there were three empty Budweiser cans in the bed of the truck. A call to dispatch also showed the driver had a revoked Colorado license for an alcohol-related offense.

The deputy asked the man to be honest about how much he drank that night. He swore up and down he hadn’t drank a bit. The deputy asked him why his eyes were bloodshot. He said it was “from 10 years of welding.”

Then he asked him why he smelled of alcohol and was unable to drive properly. The man said it was “probably from the cough syrup.”

The deputy didn’t buy it, and instead arrested the man and charged him with driving a vehicle while license is under restraint, failure to maintain a single lane and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

EDWARDS, Colorado ” An Edwards woman’s trip to work was cut short Nov. 23 when she made an upsetting discovery at the gas station.

She went to fill up her tank before heading to her job, and noticed a sugary residue around the gas cap and inside the nozzle area of her 1999 Ford station wagon.

Despite a fear her car was ruined, she drove home to have her husband call police.

There are no leads in the case, and it looks like the couple will be saddled with the $500 deductible on their insurance policy to get the car fixed.

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