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‘Idiot’ Colorado husband pretends to name newborn Carter Barack Obama

Bill Scanlon
Rocky Mountain News
Broomfield, CO Colorado

BROOMFIELD, Colorado ” It’s 2 1/2 weeks since Election Day, and so far no Colorado parents seem to have named their newborns either Barack or Obama.

Roger Sealy pretended he did. The Broomfield man sent notices to several newspapers saying his and his wife Jackee’s new boy was named Carter Barack Obama Sealy.

Roger Sealy got some ink and did a few interviews, enhancing the story by saying he’d named his other two kids Brooke Trout Sealy and Cooper John Elway Sealy.

But then his mother-in-law busted him, telling the Boulder Daily Camera that it was just a joke.

Mom Jackee dug out some birth certificates Wednesday and showed a Daily Camera reporter that the real names were Brooke Emma Sealy and Cooper Jacob Sealy.

The baby’s birth certificate hasn’t come back yet, but she said his real name is Carter Thomas Sealy.

She told the Daily Camera that the birth notice to the newspapers was her spouse’s idea of a joke.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “My husband’s an idiot.”

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment keeps a list of baby names — and sends it to the media once a year for articles about trends in popular baby names.

So far, no “Barack” or “Obama” has come into the state database, said Kirk Bol, who works in the Department’s Vital Statistics section.

However, state health officials note that they only keep track of first names, so a middle name wouldn’t show up on the rolls.

A survey of a few hospitals in Colorado found no Baracks or Obamas in the maternity wards.

Newsweek magazine this week pointed out that Barack Obama himself was born about nine months after President John Kennedy was elected president in 1960.

The news magazine spoke to demographers who are expecting a baby boomlet in August of 2009 — brought on by the enthusiasm of couples over the election of a new president.

Meantime, the names Barack and Obama seem wide open to parents who want a one-of-a-kind name for their Colorado babies.

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