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If you hear any noise

Laura A. Ball
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VAIL – Maceo Parker was bummed when he heard he couldn’t play past 10 p.m.He had hoped to play for at least 2 and a half hours.I was just hoping it wouldn’t be raining.

The crowd wasn’t complaining. The rain stayed away in exchange for a few snowflakes, and everyone got a good dose of concentrated funk.Maceo and his boys were making a lot of noise. James Brown and George Clinton aside, the man was born to entertain, and at 62 he’s still got it. In a black suit and black sunglasses, there’s not quite enough room on stage for Maceo’s presence.People packed onto Gore Creek Drive Friday night to see hear his funk stylings and if they weren’t tapping their toes, they were all-out getting down. The music took over the audience like an infection.

He kept it moving, shaking his hips to one side, and paused only for a few slower tunes by Ray Charles and Luther Vandross. His smooth voice was made to scale jazz notes. Maceo payed tribute to Prince in another song, who he played with on the “Musicology” tour last year.His son Corey, a vocalist in the band since 1995, stepped up to the mic to freestyle during a few songs, adding a dimension of hip-hop to the high-energy funk show.The crowd ate up every bit of it. And once again, Maceo displayed his love as one woman jumped up on stage and started to dance with him. She had already made her way across the stage to dance with the others by the time security escorted her away. Before exiting down the stairs, Maceo stopped her and put his black hat on her head.

When he did that I think a few people secretly wished it was them who had jumped on stage, including me.Maceo generously sprinkled his mantra, “We love you,” throughout the show. And the crowd loved Maceo, too.His funk was off the hook.

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