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Ignite360 at Vail Vitality Center more than a fad fitness program

It may feel like training programs and fitness options are a lot like fashion — there’s always a new “next best thing” competing for your time, attention and money. As a trainer, I evaluate new programs with a critical eye, keeping in mind the goals of each client. When I was introduced to Ingite360, I knew it was more than just the latest fad fitness program.

Designed to help athletes at all levels improve performance without taking shortcuts, Ignite360 was originally introduced by IMG Performance, a division of IMG Worldwide, in 2010. The program has quickly become known as the leader in sports performance education and functional training because it uses proper progression and a focus on core athletic elements to guard against injury.


I also appreciate the Ignite360 methodology. The program is designed to test and train the athlete in everyone — youth, competitor, adult — and uses constant evaluation and progression unique to each individual. The program works for every body because certified trainers can customize workouts based on each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Each Ignite360 class focuses on building your athletic engine using balance, strength and movement. Throughout the program, athletes progress through different levels with different areas of focus and each level builds on the one before it.

With overload variables for each element, it’s possible for an Ignite360 certified coach to train a group of people who all could be on different levels of the same base exercise. Certified coaches are trained to not only progress each person properly, but to also give constant feedback allowing athletes to gain physical and emotional confidence.


The program also ups the ante each week. Ignite360 designates one day of the week as a “Challenge” day. Challenge days consist of six max effort exercises in balance, strength and movement, making the athlete challenge not only their body but their mind, as well.

My clients who grasp the benefits of the Ignite360 methodology love challenge days because they are able to compete within themselves and against others; there is consistent proof of improvement and progress and participants experience measurable results.


Most importantly, Ignite360 is both fun and safe. Athlete’s that have participated in Ignite360 programs have noticed a reduction in joint pain, decrease in muscle imbalances, improved strength, fat loss, increase in lean muscle, increased mental awareness and the ability to move more efficiently.

We’ve been offering Ignite360 training at the Vail Vitality Center for the past two months and have received encouraging feedback from participants.

Blake Gould is a Vail Vitality Center professional trainer and rehabilitation specialist. He received a degree in sports and exercise science from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa, with a minor in psychology. Gould is an Ignite360 master trainer, offering monthly sessions at the Vail Athletic Club. For information about Ignite360 sessions, contact the Vail Athletic Club front desk at 970-476-7960.

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