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Ignoring more than one mom

Cindy Sheehan is only one of the millions of Americans George W. Bush and his power-crazed Republican cronies are ignoring. They also don’t seem to care about any of us who buy gas. Americans, even anti-war Americans, could probably tolerate soaring gas prices if we we’d been asked to bite the bullet for a while to help the troops. Ironically, W. says the best way for ordinary Americans to support the troops is to spend lots of money. The best way to fight terror is to be hyper-consumers of his tipsy economy. But there’s not a lotta cash left with which to be patriotic when wages are stagnant and Americans are dropping $3 a gallon. Plus, it’s awful hard to fight terror when some of that pile of profits are pouring into the checking accounts of the people and nations that bankroll the fanatical Muslim clerics churning out suicide bombers bent on killing … cash-strapped Americans.But all the HDTVs in the world won’t save you when some wacko who was left off the terrorism watch list flies a 757 into the neighborhood nuclear reactor. They don’t seem to care about any of the Americans they send to war, unless they’re lucky enough to work for Halliburton or live in the Green Zone. First of all, W. doesn’t have time to go to the funerals. The poor leader of the free world has a month’s-worth of brush to clear. Can’t let the ranch look overgrown when the king of Saudi Arabia comes conspiring. W.’s henchman can armor themselves against allegations of illegally exposing a CIA agent by throwing a reporter in jail, but the demonic defense minister can’t figure out how to adequately shield the men and women at whom the insurgents are shooting. And when a soldier speaks out about it, giving the lie to Rummy’s carefully manicured speech, they did more than ignore him, they unleashed their cable TV wolves to denigrate him. Oh that savvy Spc. Thomas Wilson was nothing more than a self-styled Michael Moore playing politics. You’re as big a rube as John Kerry if you believe his motives in ripping Rummy were solely to prevent he and his fellow soldiers from being killed, dismembered or seriously wounded. Wilson’s real motive was to bait emotional goons like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. W. has no use for Americans who believe in freedom of thought, religion or speech. He conflates the first two and is presidentially pissed off when he’s exposed to the third. In W.’s world, thought is religion and speech always follows the rules. People gotta watch what they say otherwise. Thinking, without faith, leads to dangerously proven concepts like evolution and stem-cell treatment. Faith without thinking, on the other hand, is just dandy. One is left to believe W. and his lunaticocracy don’t even buy their own line of bull if they’ve been driven to bashing soldiers who want a little more armor and slinging mud at a mom who wants a better answer for why her son died in a war that hasn’t made anybody any safer. Does anything expose the greedy, callous evil of the entrenched right wing than the skewering of a grieving mother? Another stooge playing politics, I guess. She doesn’t really miss her son, her real goal is for Bill O’Reilley to call her protest treasonous. Maybe if her name was Schiavo, she’d get some support. Maybe if she owned Saudi Arabian oil fields she could get a few minutes of W.’s time. Maybe if she’d been pre-screened for her political and religious beliefs before she set up camp outside the Removed-From-Reality Ranch, W. would invite inside, sit her on his lap and lie to Cindy Sheehan to her face. City Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at mzalaznick@vaildaily.com or 949-0555, ext. 606. This column, as with all personal columns, does not necessarily reflect the views of the Vail Daily.

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