Illegal actions of the Vail town council |

Illegal actions of the Vail town council

Vail residents, is there nothing about fairness you would fight for? Approximately three years ago, the voters voted to build a conventioncenter. Nobody argued that the election was illegal, not even me. So, why hasn’t it been built?

I will not rehash the tired, old arguments for or against a convention center, because the voters have spoken and the election was legal. Not only did the voters speak, but they and visitors have been taxed for three years to pay for the construction of a convention center. Even visitors who pay the hotel tax have legal standing here! How can they possibly be repaid? Does the nightmare of the school district attempting to pay wrongful tax increases to teachers who left the school district before that tax was distributed, come to mind?

What taxpayers did not pay for was the continued study of whether the center would be good. Nor did they pay for a re-vote. The argument should have ended the evening of the election.

But, only in Vail could that debate continue. I say only in Vail, because I am not aware of anywhere else that residents have been taxed for something they agreed to pay for, but didn’t get at least a portion of what they were taxed for. Maybe it has happened, but I digress.

Let’s see! If you paid me your tax increase for three years, because I promised to build a convention center for you, and I didn’t build it, you and the state would have me arrested for theft. Knowing the prosecutors that would face me, they would probably add charges of fraud, theft by deception, actual theft, criminal theft, wanton disregard of the voters feelings, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture.

But, since it is the Vail Town Council that has done this, no charges will be brought by you or the state. No one will bring a civil suit against the Vail government for stealing their money. Why not?

Answer: because Eagle County residents are rarely willing to fight government corruption. And, make no mistake about it, this is corruption, albeit by nice people who undoubtedly don’t see their failure to build as corrupt.

Yes, Vail residents are unwilling to fight for just about anything government illegally does to them. Does tax money towards City Market construction come to mind?

And, get this, the town government got a so-called expert to explain that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights constitutional amendment (TABOR), which is supposed to be “the” law in Colorado, does not, according to their paid expert, allow the citizens to get their money back, with 10 percent interest, even though the constitution says it does, if they file a suit within a four-year period. That clock is ticking to conclusion soon.

And you know what, with the illegal actions of our state Supreme Court liberals, I’m almost certain that the 10 percent interest clause in TABOR would be struck down, if a citizen were to sue ” strike that, if conservative citizens were to sue. And, again, how will tourists who paid a room tax be found and reimbursed?

If liberal citizens were to sue Vail for their illegal actions in this matter, they might have a chance, if they had a connected group of liberal citizens on the committee, and if the committee had a well-connected liberal lawyer in Denver, who would bepaid a zillion dollars to litigate it.

When government decisions like this are made, anarchy and chaos are the result! Many of us get the government we deserve.

So, Vail residents, is there nothing you would fight for? If those opposed to the center won’t fight for this principle, they will deserve the same justice when the next issue they do support comes up. This could be very precedent setting!

I appreciated the negative comments from liberals about my column in the Daily on whether readers hate my column, love my column, or don’t care about my column. It shows that liberals are, as usual, reading what I write. It also shows that they are concerned about allowing me to communicate with others, to expose liberal nonsense. And, naturally, they should be concerned. But, as of the time of this writing on Wednesday evening, August 17th, the results are closer than I thought they would be in a very liberal county. The poll stood at 50 hating it, 39 loving it, and 25 who don’t care. As I said last week, I was one of the people voting, “I hate it,” because I have to do the work, and as I always say, work “cramps my style.” Had I voted “I love it,” the result would be 50-40-25, better than the generally accepted notion that a third of the country is conservative, a third moderate, and a third liberal. And, just wait until the teacher’s union weighs in. Boy, will this poll be skewed. 33 percent loving it is all that I expected.

… of Eagle, for the courage to sign her name and ask the question of the Daily, “What were you thinking?” to allow me to write. Obviously, the Daily was thinking about fairness to conservatives, even though it is not a conservative newspaper. And, more obviously, Funke was thinking about applying non-fairness to conservatives, because she doesn’t like what I write (no kudos here, Funke). See why most liberals will not sign their names? It exposes them for the unfairness that they usually support. I also appreciate Funke not citing even one issue to debate, just negative generalities about me and my personality. When she suggested school district types should be columnists because (she alleges), they are a bastion of “untainted thinkers” with “creative minds” and “no agenda” (puh-lease, that is hysterical) also helped define Funke. Does School District Superintendent John Brendza’s admission in court that 16 suitcases were distributed from the district office with materials encouraging putting Speakout! out of business come to mind? That is “no agenda” by “untainted thinkers” with “creative minds?” Funke’s statement has zero credibility. Thanks, Gladdie for making my points about liberal un-fairness and liberals refusing to debate with specificity. And, more thanks for the humor. I laughed loudly!

Michael Cacioppo, a former conservative radio talk show host and newspaper publisher, is Managing Director of, LLC, a local travel planning consultant on vacations to Mexico.

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