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I’m celebrating Obama victory

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

These are exciting times with a most amazing election just completed, and it is great to see young people like Connor Tedstrom express his views about President-elect Obama. Connor is 16 and I am at the other end of the spectrum, being a “Depression” baby born in 1928 to wonderful parents who lived outside Philadelphia in Cynwyd, Pa.

My maternal grandfather was a well known baker who imported automobiles from Paris in 1895, was first to put electric lights in his shop on Walnut street, and he won the first “O” race in Fairmount Park.

My parents lost everything, their house in Cynwyd, property in central Philadelphia and my architect father, a position from a well-known firm that developed 69th Street.

The situation left me to get hand-me-downs and attend public schools. So we had our own “Operation Clampdown,” which we called “Up by the Boot Straps.” I hope that you, Connor, will research how Wall Street collapsed in 1929. Greed and cunning did play a major part. Just like now.

Today our views are shaped, or skewed, by a myriad of external influences. The e-mails, especially like the one your parents received, was designed to give you fear about Obama’s positive concerns about America’s future. Connor, have you really listened to what Obama has been saying? Have you seen those individuals he has selected to guide and endorse him? Buffett, Powell etc.?

Or are you relying on the many spurious e-mails sent and forwarded by the likes of Rich Carroll, titled “The Jihad Candidate,” expounding that Obama is a Muslim and his wife is an American-hating radical hippy? This was the inspiration for the 21st of July New Yorker cover. Or the e-mail Aug. 8 from Monica Crowley, “Georgia On His Mind,” with 13 paragraphs unrelated at all about Obama and then her comments on Obama’s concerns about war. Connor, do you know that Obama voted against the Iraq War? Then there’s Michelle Malkin’s pathetic attempt to pin Obama on ACORN.

There are so many more people out there who have tried to scuttle the election of Obama, and whom we must carefully watch out for ” Rich Carroll, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley to name a few. Their e-mails have been full of hate and undocumented accusations.

I, too, am amazed at how many educated and successful people in our valley fell for those spurious e-mails. Let us not for-get the Republican stalwarts in Eagle County who refuse to admit that your future and the future of your children and so on will be paying for these terrible wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As for the billions of Wall Street bailout money: Republican socialism? We need a change, and I feel strongly that President-elect Obama will steadfastly work to those ends, with Republican cooperation.

For me, Connor, I am in “Operation Clampdown” also, watching my net asset values decline, prices going up, and a plethora of external negative influences.

No more big breakfasts, minimum thermostat settings, less driving, fewer “single malts,” and no more comfy fun things.

Be steadfast, Connor, and don’t be afraid. Think things out by questioning, and the future will be yours.

Fletcher MacNeill


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