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I’m not a snowboader, yes I am

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Since the evolution of snowboarding, an unspoken rivalry has taken place on the slopes as skiers compete for their rightful place against the new kids on the block. While truly a fine sport, snowboarding has still not been completely embraced by many old-school alpine skiers.A friend of mine, who was already a very accomplished alpine skier, decided that she wanted to learn how to snowboard. During her first morning on the board, she cautiously inched her way down the beginner’s slope attempting the most rudimentary of movements.About midway down the hill, she came face to face with another woman on skis that appeared to be her snow sports equal. As one woman would creep down, the other would follow. As one would move right, the other would follow suit.After several minutes of unsuccessfully trying to avoid each other, the woman on skis finally lost her composure and yelled at my friend, “You damned snowboarders! You’re always in the way!”Forgetting where she was and what she was doing, my friend instinctively yelled back, “I am NOT a snowboarder!”- Katie Gaylord, Vail’Where do the beginners ski?’In 1947, Canadian-born Nic Fiore was invited by Luggi Foeger to be the ski school director at Badger Pass in Yosemite National Park.When he first arrived in Yosemite, Nic stood at the bottom of the park, gazing up at El Capitan and the surrounding granite cliffs. Mistakenly thinking this was the ski area, he looked at Luggi and said, “It looks like pretty good terrain. Where do the beginners ski?”- Ronald Parody, Wrightwood, Calif.Vail, Colorado

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