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I’m not Irish, I’m ‘Texish’

Daily Staff Report

On St. Patrick’s Day, a little girl from Dallas was sitting in the children’s center, coloring a picture of a shamrock a very nice shade of green.I approached her and said, “That’s very pretty. Are you Irish?”She stopped her coloring, looked up at me indignantly and replied, ” NO. I’m TEXISH!”- Patricia Wall, VailHot chocolate and back talkOne of the last times that I taught children at Whitetail, I had a group of kids, ages 7 to 14. Even in those days, children’s ski school lessons were expensive, so we usually included lunch and snacks in the price of the lesson.It was a cold day, so after a couple of hours of skiing, we went in for some hot chocolate and snacks. After taking an extended break, one of my supervisors reminded me to make sure that the kids cleaned up after themselves before we left.As directed, I announced to the group, “Kids, before you leave the table, please be sure that you’ve picked up all of your trash and that the tables are the way we found them.”One precocious 9-year-old boy stood up and stated indignantly, “Look, at $150 a pop, I don’t clean tables!”- Gary Lindberg, Whitetail, Pa. and VailVail, Colorado

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