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Image is everything

Laura A. Ball
Bret Hartman/Vail DailyCaffeine junkie? Probably. You also like to treat yourself to even the tiniest of luxuries.

I was recently accused of being of the MTV/iPod generation by an antagonistic reader. I guess that puts me in the cell phone-clutching, Starbucks-drinking, baby-loving category, too.

Since when did a paper cup become a status symbol associated with the hip and the uber-famous anyway? Since Starbucks invaded the world, and the white cup embossed with the little green mermaid was seen in every celebrity’s hand in every tabloid magazine imaginable – that’s when.It could be what’s inside the cup that’s addictive or it could be the mind-set that paper cup represents. There are plenty of nonfashion accessories that are fashionable these days that not only represent a way of life, they signify how one wants to be portrayed in life.

Starbucks is a treat. It’s a luxury. When you’re holding that cup, you embody a citizen in tune with modern society, with a splash of comfort. In fact, that society may be a little too modern for some. It also may be what a person’s not holding that gives their views away. Some wouldn’t be caught dead holding a cup representing a company linked to such large-scale globalization, and chances are that same person drives a gas powered SUV.Even the type of bottled water you consume can make a statement. Fiji, Aquafina, spring or purified? Those with a flair for the exotic may go for Fiji, while the practical sip Aquafina. Maybe your choices are just a reflection of your mood that day.

Since the birth of Starbucks, never has a nonfashion fashion accessory been so widespread since the genesis of the iPod. It’s obvious that you love music, but you’re also resourceful and very mobile. Life’s just better with your entire CD collection always at your fingertips. Is it not? From Jennifer Garner to Jennifer Lopez to Britney Spears, babies seem to be the “it” accessory among young Hollywood actresses. Ladies like Kate Hudson, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and Gwyneth Paltrow helped jump-start motherhood into possibly the sexiest thing ever.

Of course, who can deny the cuteness of a tiny dog. You can carry them around wherever you go. You can put them in your purse. They are the ultimate adorable accessory. Paris and Tinkerbell instantly come to mind. Likely, you are the first to jump on the latest trends. You’re fun and spontaneous.OK, I admit it, I am of the MTV/iPod generation and I’m proud of it. The best thing I can do for my generation is to educate myself on what is best for our future and not judge when the next generation is learning.

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