Images released from Beaver Creek jewelry heist |

Images released from Beaver Creek jewelry heist

Special to the Daily | Eagle County Sheriff's OffiThree suspects are shown J. Scott Jewelry in Beaver Creek on March 5 in this photo taken from a surveillance video. Police say they were part of a theft of jewelry worth $500,000. The men are described as being in their early 20s, while the woman is described as in her late teens.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” New details have emerged in the March 5 burglary of a Beaver Creek jewelry store, including images of the suspects, but no arrests have been made.

The Sheriff’s Office says there are five suspects-” two men with dark hair in their early 20s, a dark-haired woman who is about 17 or 18 years old and an older couple who appeared to be parents in the burglary scheme.

Photos of the suspects taken from surveillance video were released Wednesday.

It’s suspected that the group split up to distract a clerk at J. Scott Jewelers on March 5. While three of the suspects held the attention of the clerk, the other two snatched the keys to the jewelry case and made off with a watch and some rings valued at more than $500,000, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Vail Police Department and Sherifff’s Office have warned local jewelers of the recent robbery and to be on the lookout for any similar-looking people and scenarios. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said the group may work the same area over several days, as a clerk at another local store said they saw the suspects the day before the burglary.

One of the suspects said he was from Boston and then told another clerk he was from Maryland. All the suspects appear to be of Indian or Middle Eastern descent and do not have any accent.

Cordingly said that the suspects said they were looking for an engagement present when they burglarized J. Scott’s. They also told the store they would come back later with a check to buy a $70,000 watch.

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