Immigration is not the issue |

Immigration is not the issue

Immigration is responsible for 13 colonies over 230 years ago evolving into the most powerful land mass the planet has ever seen.Immigration is the most viable and tangible quality we have to offer as a nation to the rest of the world. It is not our economy, science, technology, political environment or entertainment industry that put and keeps America on top. It is our people who create all of the above. Hence the melting pot of Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, atheists, blacks, whites, browns, yellows, Mexicans, Asians, Canadians, French, English, Irish, Polish, etc.The actual issue causing all of the recent uproar is when a simple adjective is placed in front of the word “immigration.” That word is, of course, “illegal.”That one additional word makes all the difference in the world. It’s like the word “party,” which can mean anything from a holiday celebration to a small group waiting to be seated at The Outback for dinner. Put the word “political” in front of it and all perception shifts gears and heads in different directions.Illegal immigration is what’s pushing everyone’s buttons.While many smugly shout, “What letter in the word ‘illegal’ do they not understand?” and then turn their backs on the subject, I’m telling you this is little more than an election year issue that will fade in due course. The media will promote the topic as “this year’s gay marriage” or “this election season’s hot button” for those who make multiple voting choices based upon singular issues, and then we’ll sweep it back under the national carpet.Regardless, here are my two pesos while it’s an issue on the front burner:The fundamental point is simple: Either you want to be assimilated into America and its society as a citizen, or not. Waving a Mexican flag while skipping your English class and shouting not to be made a criminal in Spanish and demanding rights is the wrong way to improve your position. No American can go to any foreign country and demand rights without being laughed across the border (protesting human rights violations do not count).Illegal immigrants need to quit blaming American workers by claiming they refuse to do the work, thus the need for themselves. It is a basic free market equation of supply and demand that works itself out every time regardless of who else is in the picture. Cheap, unskilled labor will always lower the pay scale bar.They need to quit saying our economy would crash if illegal immigrants we forced to leave. No, it would not. The latest study of economic impacts involving illegal immigrants by Harvard economists George Borjas and Lawrence Katz is an excellent source if you need proof.Quit saying you have original rights to the land. This is a silly childish argument that belongs on the playground.Quit saying you have equal rights. Illegal immigrants have zero rights. If you disagree with American law and are not an American citizen, tough.Quit equating the existing guest worker program with slavery. Nobody’s pulling you across the border. Guest workers pay taxes. Illegal workers do not, except for sales taxes. America is not a welfare state (yet), but services must be funded; otherwise they cannot exist.Quit waving the flag of another country, or worse, raising it on a pole above an American flag while demanding we listen to your grievances. This is a tremendous insult.Quit pretending to care about the issue just to skip a few days of school. By the way, how were the schools back home?Quit blaming race. People like Jesse Jackson have already run this one into the ground. If you are purple with green hair and have one eye bigger than the other with a nervous twitch that makes you drool every 17 seconds but follow the proper channels to immigrate legally, that’s okey dokey. We might, however, avoid eye contact when possible.Quit blaming employers trying to save a buck. That is for us to do by enforcing our existing laws. It is our problem, not yours.On the other hand “we” need to quit saying the new guest worker proposal that allows those already here illegally to remain is not amnesty. It looks like a duck and certainly sounds like a duck. Therefore it is amnesty. We must stop threatening to reward those who are breaking the law. Existing laws were not written to protect or assist illegal immigrants in any way, shape or form. The laws are of Americans, by Americans, and for Americans. If you wish to become one, and are willing to follow the laws to do such, then you, and all immigrants, are welcome with open arms.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at poor@vail.netVail Colorado

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