Immigration perils real |

Immigration perils real

Regarding Kaye Ferry’s March 17 column, “Immigration concern is outrageous”

What I find outrageous is Ferry’s suggestion that we Americans who hold dear the rule of law and economic justice for our own citizens ought to get a life. Why aren’t we more concerned with issues like poverty, she asks. OK, then let’s focus on poverty.

We haven’t won LBJ’s “War on Poverty,” so why is Ferry in favor of importing even more of it? Does she think the nearly 1 million illegals who enter this country each year have advanced degrees in science or engineering?

Is Ferry at all concerned that black Americans always are hurt the most by high levels of immigration? Does she know that at present 40 percent of black American males of working age are unemployed?

Ms. Ferry apparently is oblivious to the Census Bureau’s population projections showing 571 million people living here by 2100. But that won’t be the selfish Ferry’s problem, will it?

At that point Americans who still think like Ferry will find themselves wrestling with far greater problems than the lack of “good powder” on the ski slopes.

Dave Gorak

Executive Director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

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