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Improving education

Scott Green

For the past two years I have represented the community as a member of the Eagle County School District Board of Education. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the future of our schools.

I firmly believe that our district is moving in a direction that will prove to be of great benefit to the education of ALL of our students. In the past there have been many initiatives and programs that seemed to help some students while ignoring others. These initiatives and programs followed popular trends and seemed to go away when the next popular “research-based” program came along. While there was merit and value in these programs, they were stand-alone pieces in a huge educational puzzle.

During past two years I have witnessed systematic reform in education in our district. Our teachers, administration, board and parent committees have worked toward aligning policies, systems, personnel and resources with achievement goals. We have formulated a data collection and interpretation system that makes useful sense of the CSAP test data. Standardized testing of students has been streamlined with the NWEA test.

We can now look at each student and determine how best to help each one succeed. The district has launched a comprehensive reform effort called the Teacher Advancement Program. TAP represents the district’s commitment to make sure that a well trained and very qualified teacher is in front of every student every day.

Public education must improve. I am confident Eagle County schools are up to that challenge. Our teachers and administrators are working harder than ever before in their commitment to improving student achievement.

As parents, we expect the best for our children. and our students deserve top educational opportunities. We are all dedicated to the job of improving our schools and our children’s education.

I realize that while we share the same ultimate vision, we can disagree about the best way to achieve that end. As a district, we are doing more than envisioning improvement – we are taking action. This action requires change.

Change, by its very nature, makes many people uncomfortable and resistant. The reform efforts at hand are showing results, but we still have a lot of work to do. The only way we will achieve the level of education our kids deserve is to work together.

As a board member, I see the need for teachers and parents to have the opportunity to voice their ideas. I challenge administrators, teachers, parents and community members to put aside emotion, fear, personal agendas and come to the table to identify and discuss issues, and solutions to improve education.

After all, doesn’t everyone want what is best for our kids?

Scott Green is the president of the Eagle County School Board.

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