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"In 2004 I resolve to…’

Cliff Thompson
Vail Daily/Melinda KruseDenver resident Bill Vitek wants to see real progress being made toward peace in the Middle East in 2004.

Here’s what they said:

Fort Collins resident Jordan Rosenthal, 17, here visiting a relative, was in a political frame of mind for the coming year.

“I’d like to see Bush get re-elected,” she said. “Our country needs him right now.”

She had a couple of resolutions for 2004: “I’d like to stop smoking and to toughen up and do my homework,” she said. Rosenthal wants to become an architect and designer.

Her brother, Rhett Rosenthal, 14, wants to see the United States pay more attention to domestic policy.

“I think we need to concentrate more on our own country instead of all the others,” he said. He, too, wants to improve his efforts at education and demonstrate it with better grades.

Local Blake Higgins, 17, a Vail Mountain School student, hopes the weather gods will provide plenty of snow.

“I like powder days,” he said.

His resolution is to enjoy his last year in Vail before heading off to college.

“I want to make the most of my senior year. I only have one year left to live here,” he said.

Gil Morales, a valley resident for 10 years and editor of the Vail Daily’s Foco Hispano pages also has politics on his mind.

“I hope Bush loses. I don’t want him to get re-elected,” he said.

Morales is taking a mimimalist approach to resolutions. He’s not making any.

“Nothing at all. Because I hardly ever keep my resolutions. My resolution is not to keep them. That’s one I can keep.”

Denver resident Michael MacLauchlan, who works in hospital finance wants to see some tax code reform in 2004.

“I’d like to see a tax on gross receipts instead of net to eliminate lots of the cheating,” he said.

Maclauchlan has not made any resolutions.

Bill Vitek of Denver wants to see some real gains in Middle East peace.

“We need real progress,” he said. “Not just in Iran and Iraq but the whole Middle East.

His resolution was one sure to warm the heart of any skier: “To spend more time in Vail, skiing.”

Avon’s Frank Doll, 82, said he has not made any resolutions but had plenty to say about what he would like to see in 2004.

“I would hope that things could be more calm than they are now,” he said. “I would hope that people would start treating each other more decently. I would hope they would have more respect for the rights of other people and most important of all, I would like to have a situation whereby the people who are elected or appointed to government offices and positions have more respect for the citizenry and be a lot smarter than the ones we have now. I am appalled at the downright stupidity of the people we elect and appoint to manage our business.”

Janie Rosenthal of Fort Collins had a very simple resolution for 2004 “Not to use my charge cards.”

In addition to personal economics she wanted to see an improved national economy too.

“It’d like to know that my investments have an opportunity to prosper,” she said.

For Vail’s Christian Nagel, 18, a Vail Mountain School senior, the world in 2004 wold be a better place if notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden were caught by U.S troops.

He, too, wants to enjoy his remaining days in Vail before heading off to college.

Clayton Vitek, 11, of Denver was in an optimistic frame of mind for 2004.

“I’d like to have a happy year. Peacefull too,” he said.

On the personal front, he wants to focus more on his education.

“I’m going to work harder in school.”

One visitor, Ian MacLaughlan, 10 didn’t worry about world peace, the economy, international or domestic affairs. He wanted to accumulate some stuff.

“I want stuff to become free. Everything!” he said. After that he just wants to learn how to ski, he said.

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