In a litigious mood |

In a litigious mood

Scott Cunningham

An intoxicated man was found passed out on an ECO bus on Dec. 21. Upon being contacted by Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies, the man woke up and became belligerent, threatening to sue them no less than 40 times. Due to his state, the officers were unable to determine where he lived. At different times, he believed he was in Vail and then Iowa. Officers also found a glass pipe on his person. The suspect was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and put into protective custody.And take your toolswith youAfter a night of drinking, a couple got into a domestic dispute in Avon on Dec. 26. The wife requested that the husband pick up their child the next day for day care, and when he hesitated with his response, she tore up his clothes and threw them into a dumpster. She also threw his tools into the dumpster. She was arrested for criminal mischief and domestic violence.Taking a slow ride homeA traffic stop on I-70 led to the discovery of 12 illegal aliens on Dec. 21. Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies stopped a van near Edwards for going 55 mph in a 75 mph zone, and thereby impeding traffic. Upon searching the back of the van, they discovered 12 illegal aliens, three of them young children. They were turned over to the INS.Cat fightTwo roommates and coworkers got into a fight on Dec. 21 in Eagle-Vail. One woman tried to tell the other how to “clean the tables right,” and an argument ensued. One threw a glass of water in the face of the other, who then hurled an empty shot glass back, but missed, breaking it on the floor. Soon, they were punching each other and pulling one another’s hair. The fight was broken up by the on-duty manager. A bag of cocaine was found on one of the women, and she was arrested for introducing contraband in the first degree, harassment, and disorderly conduct. The other woman was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.Fighting chanceA fight at a party in Gypsum led to a warrant being fulfilled on Dec. 20. One man thought that another man was hitting on his friend’s girlfriend and assaulted him, punching him several times in the head. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the victim had a warrant out for larceny in Vail. He was arrested on this charge.

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