In Aspen, secretary of state candidate blasts Colorado for releasing voter rolls |

In Aspen, secretary of state candidate blasts Colorado for releasing voter rolls

Jena Griswold

ASPEN — A candidate seeking the Democratic nomination to run for secretary of state in 2018 lambasted incumbent Republican Wayne Williams for releasing Colorado voter-registration data to a commission appointed by President Donald Trump.

Speaking at the Pitkin County Democratic Party’s annual dinner this past week at T-Lazy-7 Ranch, Jena Griswold pounced on Williams for turning over the data.

“I’m running because I refuse to roll back our voting rights here in Colorado,” the 32-year-old Louisville attorney said. “We’re going to show the Trump administration how Colorado works, and how Colorado works is that we’re going to keep our voter rights and then we’re going to get more people to participate.”

Williams is not releasing voters’ Social Security numbers nor their birth dates, she said. Birth years, party affiliation, voting history and full names are being provided, she said.

Griswold, suggested the information “was requested in a possibly unlawful way.”

The candidate also said she wants to expand voter registration to community colleges.

The former voting rights attorney for the Obama campaign vowed to stomp all over the state during the coming months.

“I”m going to go out and talk about the office, because a lot of time folks don’t remember that the secretary of state regulates our election, and that it’s key to every single progressive issue we care about,” she said.

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