In Avon, outdoor art and recreation take center stage this summer

The Town of Avon has plenty of cultural and recreational offerings for the public to enjoy this summer

By Lauren Glendenning
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The Prayer Flag Project is a local art project promoting messages of encouragement, faith and love on display at Avon’s Main Street Mall.

Given the physical distancing guidelines in place this summer throughout the county and the state, the Town of Avon is proud to offer cultural events that don’t require large gatherings. 

For the third straight year, the Town has teamed up with Colorado Mountain News Media to create large-scale public art displays benefitting a worthy cause. In 2018, the Vail Board of Realtors (VBR) presented the Town of Avon’s Playhouse Project, with auction proceeds donated to Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley, the VBR Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 2019, the Benches of Avon project featured more than a dozen nonprofits. 

Proceeds from the Home for Hounds Project will benefit the Eagle Valley Humane Society and VBR Foundation. 

“I love that every year, the nonprofit that benefits from the project changes,” said Danita Dempsey, Avon’s Culture, Arts and Special Events Manager. “There are so many local nonprofits in our community and in Avon that do amazing, noble work.”

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Home for Hounds in Avon

Home for Hounds of Avon is a large-scale public art exhibit to take place over a four-week period, from June 23 – July 23. This art event will incorporate local designers with building supplies and sponsors to produce artistic, functional, doghouses to be on display as an amenity to guests during our busy summer season.

The 13 houses will be installed on June 23 and will then be displayed for four weeks at Avon’s Main Street Mall. 

The houses will be sold with the help of Vail Board of Realtors partners. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the houses will be donated to Eagle Valley Humane Society ($5,000 is guaranteed to EVHS plus any proceeds over event expenses). Houses will be put on the “market” for $500 to start. The public is encouraged to place a bid on a house and take one home to their furry friends while supporting a great cause.

For more information, visit

Art on display

Avon’s Main Street Mall is the central point for some of the Town’s public art displays. 

“It’s become a wonderful walkway and collection point for some of the Town’s bronze sculptures,” Dempsey said.

In early June, a smaller-scale art project went on display on the Main Street Mall: the Prayer Flag Project. In an effort to promote messages of encouragement, faith and love during a challenging time in the world, Vail Christian High School art teacher Heidi Cofelice came up with an idea to collect uplifting art on small, square pieces of fabric. She began asking students and the public to create their positive imagery on pieces of white cloth, about 8 inches by 8 inches, called prayer flags. 

“Heidi has strung them on the light poles on the Main Street Mall,” Dempsey said. “They bring messages of hope, harmony and peace.”

To participate, drop your submission in the mail addressed to P.O. Box 754 Edwards, CO 81632, using a standard envelope and stamp. Email with questions.

Art anytime

Avon’s Main Street Mall is the central point for some of the Town’s public art displays.

With public art projects on display outdoors, the public can enjoy it anytime. Instead of being restricted to a particular event on a specific day, you can take a stroll down Main Street at your convenience, and when there aren’t many other people around. 

“It’s something to do in town other than hiking and biking or paddling, which of course we all love,” Dempsey said. “You can grab lunch and enjoy a picnic nearby, and check out some local artwork.”

Avon is open

Safety protocols are in place throughout Avon to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that vibrant activity throughout the Town must stop. Dempsey said since businesses have started reopening, there’s a general sense that people are being personally responsible and socially distancing — “that’s been great to see,” Dempsey said. 

The Avon Recreation Center opened in early June with its own protocols in place, including distancing and restricted areas. The Town also implemented a reservation-only system to use the Rec Center — visit to reserve a time. 

Nottingham Lake and Beach are also open, including paddleboard, pedal boat and kayak rentals through Stand Up Paddle Colorado on the northeast shore of the lake, near the swim beach. 

The Town is also planning on hosting some community-focused events geared toward locals, which can be easily accommodated during the phase 2 public health order, which limits groups to 50 or less. 

“All of our events can easily manage multiple groups of 50,” Dempsey said. “We’ll be posting details at”

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