In Colorado Springs, Biden lashes out at corporate greed |

In Colorado Springs, Biden lashes out at corporate greed

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ” Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden says it’s unfair that executives of failed corporations are paid millions of dollars while their employees lose their pensions.

Biden vowed Wednesday that he and Barack Obama will attack corporate greed if they’re elected.

Biden took direct aim at executives who draw big salaries while reorganizing failed companies, telling a roaring crowd, “Their pensions go first.”

Biden spoke to about 1,000 people at a high school in heavily Republican Colorado Springs. Fire marshals turned away dozens of people after the gymnasium filled up.

Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar, who spoke before Biden, predicted that Obama would upstage the GOP in one of the most conservative cities and counties in Colorado.

“We say we’re going to win El Paso County and Colorado Springs and Colorado’s nine electoral votes will vote for Barack Obama,” Salazar said.

Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien said the election will be “the final verdict of eight years of failed Bush policies.”

Former Gov. Roy Romer said electing Obama would tell the world that “we’re going to travel the path of hope, we’re going to travel the path of leadership and we’re going to do it better than we have the past eight years.”

Biden planned another stop later Wednesday in Pueblo, a Democratic stronghold south of Colorado Springs.

He campaigned Tuesday in Greeley and the Denver suburb of Commerce City.

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