In defense of indespensible |

In defense of indespensible

Don Rogers

There may not be a more hated<or better read<forum on these pages than Tipsline, the call-in line where nearly anything goes.No one accuses this feature of reposing in the deeper end of the pool. Make no mistake, this is the province of the venters, some of whom have even read other parts of the paper.Or so their critics rail: You don1t have to know what you are talking about, or identify yourself for some measure of accountability for your hollering, and often enough (but not always), the entire column reads like one irrational rant after another.True enough, all those criticisms.We get nailed today for 3trashing the community by making the mistake of comparing the price of pizza in Town Talk a couple of months ago (which was dumb), and by following a health case that another competitor observed as free advertising for an outfit given a clean bill of health, no room for rumors, let alone germs, to thrive. We1re sure we could handle each of those cases better, but 3trashing the community? Seems a bit strong.We are critical of aspects of the community from time to time, but it would be hard outside Tipsline to characterize that as a constant drumbeat. There1s a lot of pretty friendly coverage of our valley, too, as is fully merited.On another front, the Daily supports community life to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, sponsorships and the like. Sometimes such goes unnoticed in the hunt for warts, and we have those, too.We think there1s a civic value to offering the call-in line, cranky and ill-informed as some of the callers may be. Then again, you might be surprised at the upstandingness of a citizen or two who will call in to air a grievance or pay a compliment.Giving a place for people to vent is worth its weight in soapboxes, even with all those poison arrows flying.Oh, our paper and skin are thick enough to take it all in stead. 3Home on the Range is not really the best refrain for observers of a society, much as we are accused by other critics of wearing our rose-colored glasses all too securely.Big ideasNow here1s an idea for big thinkers: The Daily Sentinel of Grand Junction reported Sunday on an idea to build an aqueduct that would pump Colorado River water back from the state1s western border all the way to the Front Range, thereby capturing Colorado1s entire allotment of the grand river and slaking the thirst of 2 million more people.If you like the idea of a $3 billion or so mountain monorail, you oughta love the bargain basement $2.5 billion estimate for The Big Straw.Sure, you say, and let1s cover I-70 through Vail, too. At least The Big Straw makes a Vail tunnel sound downright feasible.

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