In Durango, Bennet calls economic recovery ‘false’ |

In Durango, Bennet calls economic recovery ‘false’

DURANGO, Colorado – America has forgotten the lessons of the Great Depression and isn’t on track to fix the economy, Sen. Michael Bennet warned Sunday.

In a discussion with about 30 people from southwest Colorado, Bennet said the American economy is still to reliant on consumption. He said the recovery is in a sense a “false recovery” because personal saving rates remain low.

“We’ve got to find a way to make this democracy deliver on these big ideas like the new energy ideas we’re talking about – and how you base an economy that is not only based on consumption and spending but also savings and investment,” Bennet said.

Bennet’s continued his economy talks in Greeley on Monday, where he was to meet with more business owners. The freshman senator faces re-election this fall.

Bennet also visited a hospital in Grand Junction on Saturday to talk about health care changes coming from Congress. He said the health care overhaul isn’t perfect but is “better than the status quo.”

In Durango, Bennet also talked about education. He talked broadly about its importance but didn’t say exactly what Congress would do to change schools.

“We should always remind ourselves that education is a critical piece of unfinished business,” said Bennet, a former superintendent of Denver Public Schools. “It is the core driving the economy forward in the 21st century.”

Bennet also said emphasized the importance of a new national energy plan,

“In the longer term, we will not be able to move the economy ahead here or in the country without taking a new approach to energy,” Bennet said.

Congress returns to work Jan. 19.

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