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‘In God We Trust’

Linda Zerangue
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear Peter Bergh,

I found your letter to the editor disturbing and perhaps a call for help. You seem to think your belief of no gods for anyone would solve all the world’s problems.

The words “In God We Trust” were meant to mean that only a higher power or higher reasoning, not any man, would decide the freedoms of society.

No man in this country or other civilized countries is “force fed” (your words) religion, and I am sure you know that people go to various lengths to come to this country and become U.S. citizens because of the freedoms the Judeo-Christian background has established.

As you also must realize, in countries where no religion is allowed or only one religion is “force fed” and man decides what the freedoms are to be or not to be, there is much suffering.

Your argument is not an option at this time “on our planet” (your words).

The solution is to learn to accept one another’s faith, to believe in a higher power or not, and to learn to live in peace and stand with the side where no man rules another or harms another. Go in peace and joy.

Linda Zerangue


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