In keeping with law, good sense |

In keeping with law, good sense

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

The Eagle County commissioners have approved the latest home rule charter for an election.

Not that they had a choice in that matter. If the duly elected Home Rule Commission puts the item forward ” and they did ” the commissioners must follow through by setting the election.

As they should have. The voters should be able to exercise their full right to settle whether Eagle County unhooks from one-size-fits-all, or nearly all, state rules about county governance.

Opponents are howling. Of course. They’ll keep hollering as if there really were something magical about having just three county commissioners, or that the expense is extravagant, or even that there shouldn’t be any more votes on the issue.

Really? The state law they claim such fealty to uphold specifically provides for two takes at the polls for county home rule charters. What’s the problem, really, other than fear it might pass this time?

Besides, the revised charter would not be the same one that voters rejected in November. And the election would be quite different.

This time it would be a single issue, rather than one of a long list. The ballots would be mailed, and voters would have to have just enough energy and interest in the issue to bother mailing them back. You’d think that would add up to some real thought put into the decision.

This charter keeps the political parties in the county system, has an ethics clause for officials, makes it easier for citizens to put items up for election and provides for a sensible number of commissioners ” five rather than just three.

The cost is modest at $40,000 if you consider that the county operates on a $100 million budget. A better system would more than pay for itself, too. Now let’s vote.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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