In loving memory of Sarah Velasquez |

In loving memory of Sarah Velasquez

Town Talk

To Mom:

This has been the loneliest year we’ve had to face

Your absence has left such an empty space

We think of you and in silence we sob,

In our darkest of hours we turn to Bob

Alone, lost and lonely is Don,

He needs you to lean on

Susan can no longer reach you by telephone,

with friends and family in a crowded room,

She still feels alone

Emily looks more like you as days go by

We look at her and silently sigh

Ida tries to be tough

But we know for her it’s just as rough

Nancy still lives far away

We’re sure she thinks of you every day

Walter carries you in his heart

You’ll remain there till we’re no longer apart

Jerry’s heart has an empty space

That no amount of time can erase

In times of sadness, to Vern you would turn

Emptiness now fills your baby boy

for you gave him so much joy

Pee Wee now comes home to the loneliest house in town

Sadness fills that house now that you’re not around

Theresa feels so much pain

For nothing will ever be the same

The sadness is evident in Jodene’s face

Because you no longer sit by her fireplace

Your memory, Jackie holds dear

As she sheds a lonely tear

Becky is doing the best she can do

But we’re all lost without you

Last and definitely not least

We thank God for Dad

Even though we’ve never seen him look so sad

Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005, we let you go

Knowing we would forever miss you so

We visit you at your grave

And thank you for all that you gave

You gave us life and love

We were your everything

With the angels in heaven, country music you now sing

You did so much throughout your life

Not only as our mom, but as a wife

Your grandchildren and great grandchildren

For you they pray

For you took care of them day after day

This winter you’ll no longer feel the cold

We miss you and your heart of gold

In peace you now rest

We love you, Mom

For in everything you were the best.

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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