In the mood for nudes |

In the mood for nudes

by Wren Wertin
Ryan and Trista2 BH 10-15/Bret's Edit

It was a two-fisted evening.

Attendance for the Vail Undressed calendar unveiling party Oct. 15 was through the roof. After standing in a 20-minute line for drinks, many decided to buy two at a time. That’s good news for the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, a local organization dedicated to helping individuals and families in financial straits due to mediacal catastrophes, accidents or long-term illness. The calendar is a fund-raiser for the group.

While last year’s party drew a crowd of 350, event organizers estimate 1,000 folks flocked to the Vail Marriott to hobnob with – and tease – those locals who bared all for charity.

“We were expecting 350,” said Chip Nelson of the Marriott. “We were worried about running out of alcohol, but we’ll be fine.”

Rohn Robbins, chairman of the board for the fund, hypothesized the dramatic increase in attendance.

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“It’s a combination of our name getting out, everybody knows who we are, and Ryan and Trista,” he said. “And I gave that to you in reverse order.”

Reality TV’s first happily-ever-after couple, Ryan Sutter and Trista Rehn, flew in from New York and went directly to the party. She’s Ms. November and he’s Mr. December in the 2004 calendar.

Sutter spent the evening in a bevy of females – many of them under the age of 10. Local girls Alysha Pelchat and Madison Wasmer, both 9, had Alysha’s mom, Lisa Pelchat, snap their photo with Vail’s most famous firefighter. Both girls followed “The Bachelorette” religiously.

“I watched “The Bachelor’ and when he didn’t pick Trista I cried real loud,” said Wasmer. “I watched “The Bachelorette’ and I screamed when she picked Ryan.”

“They’re the perfect couple,” said Alysha.

Eagle-Vail resident Kacey Corbin came with a group from work.

“Well, I love Ryan,” she said, laughing. “And I’m a big “Bachelor’ fan. I’m actually recording it at home right now.”

Jill Weathers of Axis Salon was anxious to see the calendar, as she colored and styled Rehn’s hair for the calendar shoot.

“She’s precious,” said Weathers.


At 8 p.m., the calendar was revealed. After being introduced, the clothed version of each month – excluding Mr. April, Chad Fleisher – took the stage while that month ws projected onto the two big screens on opposite ends of the room.

Local skier and the calendar’s 2003 poster child Chris Anthony showed up in support of his sister, Kelly, who was featured as part of September’s Team High Maintenance mountain bikers.

“It’s a family dynasty of naked people,” he said. “But it’s great. It’s growing every year. It’s become a really nice, respectable event for people getting risque.”

When September was revealed, there were many excited men in the crowd.

“What’s that, September?” asked one man excitedly. “That one’s going on the wall.”

Earl Eaton made an impact with his February shot, following his beer belly down the hill on a snowbike – with a helmet, of course. Dagmar Huber’s Artemis shot for June gives “mythic” a whole new meaning.

There are surprises on every page – check it out for yourself.

Proceeds go to the Vail Valley Charitable Fund. Average retail price is $14.95 per calendar. For more information visit their Web site at

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Vail Undressed

Local celebrities and legends

January: Ella Burnett

February: Earl Eaton

March: Eagle Mountain runners

April: Chad Fleischer

May: Dagmar Huber

June: Fellows of the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic

July: Vail Valley Babes on Bikes

August: Packy Walker and Dave Garton

September: Team High Maintenance Mountain Bikers

October: Toby Dawson

November: Trista Rehn

December: Ryan Sutter

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