In Vail, they will come |

In Vail, they will come

Don Rogers

We’ve spent most of the week giving the county commissioners good advice we don’t expect them to take at this writing. No worries. We’ll be sure to take advantage of that “told you so moment.” Meantime, there are worse ways to overspend than making sure the gravel pit in Edwards becomes grassland instead of an extension of shops and homes at the rest of the core of town – oops, um, community or whatever you want to call this population center.Meantime, in Gotham City, er, Vail, the remake of the Crossroads Center has taken the stage for the moment from the conference center that the usual band of naysayers seem to believe they’ll scare the council into killing.Peter Knoble’s grand plans for a new Crossroads now have a have lower profile than the Four Seasons in a more prominent location in town. In other words, congratulations, it ain’t quite Circus Circus anymore. It’s big but not all that big. Ice rink, bowling alley, a movie theater without the duct tape. Imagine that. So build it already. It will be fine. We’re talking the Crossroads location, after all. Not Bridge Street.Like every grand venture in Vail – every single one that was built – it will work and then some. Same goes for the conference center, by the way. Vail in fact is not Chicago or even Denver. And in case anyone has failed to notice, 9/11, Y2K, the tech bubble burst, the recession, invasions and all that have pretty much slipped into the past. Build it – even that silly mushroom-upside-down ice cream cone of a conference center design – and they will come. In droves.Just because the lodging community has a bit more of a feel for the potential than some others do doesn’t make the conference center wrong for Vail. Sheesh, open those eyes, folks. Vail, Colorado

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