Inaccurate about Buckley vote |

Inaccurate about Buckley vote

Debbie Buckley Eagle County, CO,

EAGLE COUNTY The recent letter by Pavan Krueger in regard to my position on recovery of waste heat from the Avon Sewer plant is inaccurate. Since Ms. Krueger was not at the meeting and said that she did not listen to the tape of the meeting when I called her to discuss the project, I have to assume that she was a victim of politically motivated hearsay.In fact, the town of Avon asked the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District to contribute $1.3 million to this project. Most of ERWSDs share of that money was for snowmelt in the parking lot of the Avon Waste Water Treatment Plant. I was opposed to that part of the project only. I am in favor of funding the part of the project that makes the waste water treatment process more effective and environmentally friendly. For more detail on the project read the district press release at In general I think snowmelt is not environmentally conscious and I object to spending the money to do something that I believe ultimately hurts the environment. Snowmelt systems impact the environment negatively by warming the atmosphere, no matter what the heat source.I applaud Avons efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. When I was on the Avon Town Council we started taking strides in that direction by buying wind power and buying hybrids when vehicles had to be replaced. But environmentally conscious decisions must be tempered with common sense. Spending our communitys resource for snowmelt in the Waste Water treatment plant parking lot is not my idea of common sense.Debbie Buckley Candidate for county commissioner

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