Inauguration funds were money well spent, Vail editor |

Inauguration funds were money well spent, Vail editor

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Don (Rogers), this is my own personal opinion regarding the inauguration “hoopla” Wednesday commentary. I think that you are dead wrong!

First of all, only a small portion of the $150 million (that The Associated Press estimated) was funded by the government, and it is very doubtful that a fundraiser for “meals for the hungry” would have raised that amount of money.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the donations for the balls, the receptions and the music were wonderful expressions of love for our country by people who just wanted to contribute to the celebration. The millions of attendees were patriotic folks who wanted to feel good and be part of a memorable experience. The enthusiasm and the flags (and the tears) were testimonies to their love of our nation.

I believe that the hosts, those who went to the festivities and those of us who watched were well rewarded. It was a unique day for our country, and I think that it served to remind us all of the beauty of love, hope and patriotism. Money well spent!

David Le Vine

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