Incarceration conflagration, and the SUV All Stars |

Incarceration conflagration, and the SUV All Stars

Incarceration CorrectionIn yesterday’s slam-bang coverage of All Things Kobean, we mentioned that a couple guys were nailed for driving a car with stolen plates into the courthouse parking lot. Now, the rest of the story.The entire vehicle, a van, was stolen – not just the license plates. A guy, who’s apparently experiencing something a little less than True Love, told his girlfriend he’d pick her up for a Monday court appearance. He did, and drove her to the courthouse. Among the groups of people populating the courthouse grounds were dozens of police officers and dozens of reporters. The latter tends to make the pilgrimage to the courthouse when the Cirque de Kobe comes to town.The former is here all the time, which should have provided the driver, who allegedly liberated the van, with a clue that van liberation is still a felony and those who enforce that social structure will be found in the exact spot to which he’d driven the allegedly liberated van, containing his girlfriend. When the jury is done with Kobe, they can deal with this guy – if natural selection doesn’t beat them to it.Suburban livingOur spies, who are everywhere, were actually under the media tent during Monday’s downpour. That’s why we were unable to tell you what food Bryant’s Suburban delivered to the front door of the courthouse. Occasionally, some of Bryant’s security people use their Dick Tracy wrist radios to summon the Suburbans for some vital, top secret task – like bringing in food. In the name of the Public’s Right to Know, our hard-hitting investigators learned that they were dispatched to deliver a Burger King breakfast croissant and an orange juice. Again, we’re proud to provide the kind of tough-minded journalism you’ve come to expect from your Vail Daily.Your permanent recordWhen Judge Ruckriegle asked prosecutors Monday when they’d be ready to go to trial, they huddled up like the Denver Broncos. After a minute or two, Ruckriegle smiled and fussed, looked at Denver attorneys Scott Robinson, Norm Early and Craig Silverman – who were in the courtroom cover the hearing for radio and television networks – and said, “If I asked Mr. Early and Mr. Silverman and Mr. Robinson for a trial date, they’d have one ready.” The three were positively aglow as they realized they were now immortalized as part of the Bryant case’s permanent record.After some deliberation, District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said, in essence, that he was asked last month and said the end of August. When asked again Monday, he said, in essence, that that’s still his story and he’s stickin’ to it.

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