Incumbent asks Eagle-Vail voters to stay the course in community POA election |

Incumbent asks Eagle-Vail voters to stay the course in community POA election

Hello friends and neighbors.

After recent letters to the editors and the candidate forum, I wanted to straighten out a few significant issues that appear to me as inconsistent with the facts or positions of the candidates.

The first myth is that the current five-person Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board of directors, after hiring a professional Community Association Manager (CAM) for some reason broke away from their previous and recently revised “Joint Board of Governance Agreement” with the Eagle-Vail Metro District. I am not sure where this claim originated. I attend all the meetings, whether held jointly or, more recently, separately. I can tell you I have never advocated splitting of the two boards, which started around 2009. No one on the EVPOA board has ever advocated the splitting of the two boards’ practice of meeting jointly .

I see it more that the Eagle-Vail Metro District had their feelings hurt because we changed our old arrangement to pay half of Jeff Layman’s salary and benefits to be our CAM. After a lengthy search process we hired Bold Real Estate Solutions LLC, which saved property owners significant dollars. The Board of the EV Metro District took their ball and went home, resulting in both boards having significantly shorter meetings — a pleasant unforeseen consequence.

Secondly, I heard the recently formed “Smiley Face” group pounding their fists demanding to pay higher dues to the EVPOA. I read that the three incumbents running for re-election are ruining the community by reducing dues and surpluses. Well, we could ask for more dues and keep your money if it was not for our governing documents and legal rules.

And, for the record, the vote to dramatically reduce dues and return surpluses was unanimous. Not just the votes of Jake, Steve and Judd but also Mike Kieler and Karl Krueger voting to correct this long-standing problem of compliance with the laws of the land. So how will Smiley Faces deal with Mike Kieler, a member of the Smiley Face party, reducing dues crediting property owners dues for 2018 when the Smiley Face party is advocating the opposite. In fact, Mike Kieler advocated no dues be paid by property owners in 2018, but after board discussion it was agreed to reduce dues to $50 not $0 for 2018.

My hope was that after the EVPOA got its finances in order and dramatically cut costs that the EV Metro District would follow our example and get their house finances in order. I have been advocating for a couple of years now that the metro district start looking at cost-cutting measures and belt-tightening, but have only seen it discussed with no significant changes. In fact, the Eagle-Vail Metro District has recently contracted with local consultant IKS to perform yet another survey to see where they can find more money by either trying to create a sales tax or increasing our current mill levy tax.

Thank you for your support. Please re-elect Steve Daniels, Judd Watts and Jake Jacobson


Jake Jacobson

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