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It’s 60 minutes into the last movie you reluctantly paid eight bucks to see. Sadly enough, the experience has yet to “free your mind” nothing seems too fast or too furious, and Nemo could be anywhere.Films like The Matrix, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Finding Nemo each have something to offer in their own ways. The invention of an entire reality questioning the structure of our own, horsepower-driven action, and the charm of Disney’s clever humor and computer animation will have thousands of Americans flocking to theaters this summer.However, one unfortunate theme of Hollywood transcends these films and every other that will reach the big screen this year the search for profitability.Cam Haynes, founder and director of The Film Circuit, which visits the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek Oct. 3-5, recognized this pitfalls of popular cinema and did something about it.”Most of the films you see today are driven by a studio and money,” says Haynes. “There needs to be an opportunity for the screening of films driven by the passion of the director and the people involved.”Haynes created that opportunity by organizing a series of festivals at first throughout Canada and later internationally that screen independent movies deemed to be in line with the Film Circuit’s artistic standards.”We only show films with a lot of heart. Most films you see today are catalyst-driven, meaning that if there’s going to be a love story it has to take place aboard a sinking ship. If one of our films is a love story, it doesn’t need a sinking ship,” Haynes says of the difference between the offerings of the Film Circuit and the movies of American popular culture.So far the public has responded well to the program and its films. A spin-off of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Film Circuit recently enjoyed its millionth patron, and locations in 20 countries have expressed interest in hosting a festival.The Film Circuit and the Vail Symposium are working together to organize Beaver Creek’s festival.”We’re going to choose the programming and try to get some guests some actors, directors, and producers Film is the most pervasive media of our time, so people should have the opportunity to see this branch of cinema and the people behind it,” says Haynes.For more information and updates leading up to this fall’s festival in Beaver Creek, visit and click on the Film Circuit. Shows and show times will become available later this summer.By Matt Eversman

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