Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) permit fees to increase |

Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) permit fees to increase

Effective July 1, 2007, the fee to permit the construction of a new Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) in Colorado will increase by $23. House Bill 07-1329, as signed by Governor Ritter on May 30, 2007, amended Section 25-10-107 of the Colorado Revised Statutes by adding a new subsection which allows the Water Quality Control Division to assess a fee of $23 for each newly authorized individual sewage disposal system (ISDS).According to Ray Merry, Environmental Health Director, the additional fee is earmarked to fund an employee for the Water Quality Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment who will provide statewide leadership regarding the on-site wastewater treatment program. The new position will be responsible for implementing the recommendations of the ISDS steering committee appointed by the State Board of Health. Some of the recommendations are:o Evaluate and certify new technologyo Review the state ISDS Guidelines and local regulations to improve state-wide consistencyo Develop policies regarding appropriate application of technology; system sizing; management strategies; and monitoringThe permit fee for constructing a new ISDS in Eagle County will be $373 starting July 1, 2007.

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