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Indulge in the unexpected

Ben Quirk
Special to the DailyOttmar Liebert performs Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek.

The mind can be a deceiving thing. It’s a confusing welter of thoughts and emotions that is so mobile it’s next to impossible to understand it in any real sense. They say that psychics use 18 percent more of their brains than normal plebians like you and I. I note they seem to have forgotten to mention they also use 88 percent more of the blessed herb than most of us as well. But the mind, even when unconstrained by the narcotic shackles of pungent weed, is still ever sly and continuously disingenuous.How often has it been the case that you’ll remember something with fondness only to return to that object or experience and be totally and utterly disappointed? I’ll help you with a few personal examples. When I was twelve I would have described a peanut butter sandwich as basically your perfect sandwich. Whereas now my description might read thus: Take the world’s driest food (bread) and liberally smear with the world’s second driest food (peanut butter).Place in mouth. Visualize shifting desert sands. Prepare for a dessicating-related death within minutes.Or perhaps using TV shows I watched as a child will better serve as an example of how your brain can simply lie to you. As an impressionable youth I suckled on the cultural and moral teats of such shows as Knightrider, Airwolf and The A-Team. These shows shaped my principles and outlook on the world. They had heroes and bad guys cast in such starkly polarized roles it made you wonder if you needed colors at all. I see these shows 18 years later and I know them to be fantastically awful: A ridiculously souped-up helicopter hidden in a mountain? A talking car driven by a permed, Teutonic hearththrob? A quartet of renegade army special force troops with impressive SAT scores in speed-welding, planning and the coming together of plans who take time out of running away from a crime they didn’t commit to help out anyone who can find them (who is, incidentally, everyone except the unit of dedicated professionals who are charged solely with bringing them back into custody) with all their minor problems? I mean exactly what was in those orange kool-aids my parents plied me with?These brain-lapses can be a positive experience though as they present the opportunity to relive amazing things that have slipped from your head. A shower that is set just the smiling-side of scalding is a near religious experience for me every time after I’ve been out riding in minus 30 degree temperatures. Never will cascading, hot water feel so good.What about chocolate, late at night after you’ve been partying until the small hours? When the stars are getting sleepy and shadows are bedding down and you teeter on the edge of intoxicated unconsciousness. It’s then that chocolate transcends its cocoa-bean origins and becomes something new and delicious. It becomes the very first chocolate you ever ate. It races through your body and everyone around babbles like a family of chimps who have just discovered the first bunch of bananas and tucked in.And of course there is live music. It’s easy to forget just how good live music is. How brilliant it can be to stand and sway in front a group of people who can not only create sounds from a variety of sources but can do so all together and make it so pleasing to the ear it actually produces pleasure. That is the allure of live music. It’s someone doing something we can’t yet we can still be part of. It’s respect mixed with participation. It’s something you simply have to be there for so why don’t you get out to some of the gigs this week and see if you remember how good it is all over again.

Jamie McLean goes filthily soloJamie McLean is the guitarist from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and as such should be content with his lot of tearing up dancefloors with his horn-blowing brethren. It seems though, that he has much more to offer the music-loving masses and will come to Vail today to lead his own band in playing blues, rock and funk and showing another of his many talented sides. Roc Raida kills it on the decksX-Ecutionar’s DJ Roc Raida is to musical entertainment what Chuck Norris is to filmed martial arts. He’s fast, supple, acrobatic and lethal on his decks and has achieved Grand Master status. This means 1) he’s a much better DJ than I am who once had a fellow DJ splitting his sides as I helplessly attempted to beatmatch two fairly simple techno tunes and 2) you should get down to 8150 to check him out. Roc Raida is a firm believer that the music is just a part of the show and is a talented beat juggler and body trickster. It’s hard to describe his specific skills but it’s not hard to write that if you go and see him you’ll be talking about him with awe in your voice for weeks afterwards. Roc Raida will be supported by Bukue One.Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra heat the BeavOttmar Liebert brings his band Luna Negra to an intimate night at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek on Friday night. Performing flamenco, jazz, afro-beat and of course the funkiest of funk this veteran of the music world promises to put on a solid show and get the Vilar Center rolling again for those specialist, hard to find shows like those they hosted excellently last season.

The Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Review need shorter nameJim Carey’s character said the immortal phrase in Dumb and Dumber, “Well it is the Rockies,” in response to Jeff Daniel’s increduality that he was wearing two pairs of gloves. The line would have equal validity if they had walked into a bar and Jeff Daniels had been incredulous at the sight of a Grateful Dead jamband playing. This sort of music is huge out here and the TRMGDR are sure to put on quite the show at Sandbar on Friday.Yami Bolo puts down rootsNorth Frontage road in West Vail sounds like the place to be on Tuesday when Yami Bolo brings himself and his excellent name to Sandbar. Jamaican born and raised this roots-reggae artist rolls into town with 25 years of experience and 19 albums worth of material. He’s a singer of conscious lyrics and you should expect a-swaying and a-grooving from Sandbar and beyond.The scene

Today Zach Brown Band at The Club/Jamie McLean at 8150/DJ AdamRoss at Samana / DJ JoJo at Loaded Joe’sThursday Roc Raida at 8150/Zach Brown Band at The Club/DJ B at Loaded Joe’sFriday Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra at Vilar Center/The Rocky Mountain Grateful Dead Review at Sandbar / Zach Brown Band at The Club/Mike Mathers at Loaded Joe’sSaturday Zach Brown Band at The ClubMonday Gary Meyers at Loaded Joe’sTuesday Yami Bolo at SandbarVail, Colorado

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