Infuriated at door ding |

Infuriated at door ding

Matthew Bortz
Vail, CO, Colorado

People of Earth, I am writing this letter in a mental state that is quite similar to that of the Incredible Hulk.

I have a fairly nice car that I cherish and take care of.

I spend the majority of my one life on Earth working so I can pay for it.

The point is that I don’t do this so all you inconsiderate and rude citizens can smack it with your car doors!

Have some respect! You are driving a car, so obviously you are grown up enough that you can discern that dinging another car because you were childish and not careful is wrong!

It’s basically a hit and run. You hit someone’s car, caused damage and then left the scene.

You should stay there and exchange insurance information so you can pay for the damage done to another car.

Please! Man up and pay attention to what the hell you are doing when you open your flippin’ car door!

Matthew Bortz