Inheritance aside, The Meek play Minturn |

Inheritance aside, The Meek play Minturn

Andrew Harley
Special to the DailyThe Meek bring their swaddling sounds to Chilly Willy's in Minturn today at 9 p.m.

Having a voice like Janis Joplin would be a dream come true for anyone who appreciates soulful singing. But, to have an arsenal of voices, including Joplin and Sheryl Crow, is reality for The Meek’s lead singer and guitarist, Tami Gosnel.

Gosnel, lead guitarist Matt “Shmoo” Shimala, bassist Jeremy Newman and drummer Leo Spaziani – who’ve only been jamming together for the past four months – bring their swaddling sounds to Chilly Willy’s in Minturn today at 9 p.m.

“We’re all over the place; from country to punk rock,” said Gosnel. “We play half timeless-rock covers, and half originals.”

Among the 60 originals Gosnel’s written is The Meek’s pop hit, “Only a Memory,” which was critiqued at the Songwriters’ Expo last year in Durango.

Other originals include “Yellow #5” and “Women are Evil,” which Gosnel wrote after receiving a letter from a friend who professed his love for her and felt blown off. Gosnel used the voice in the letter to write “Women are Evil.”

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“I’m a small girl, and my voice tends to be a lot taller than I am,” said Gosnel. “When I do covers I like to emulate the person I’m covering. I’d like to think of my voice as pretty original, but when I sing Janis, I like to sound like Janis. And, when I sing Sheryl Crow, I like to sound like Sheryl.”

Led Zepplin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” Joplin’s “Move Over” and Ween’s “Don’t Get too Close to My Fantasy,” are among The Meek’s staple covers.

“I would compare us to Ween because of all of the different stuff we try,” said Gosnel.

Gosnel has been affiliated with a series of groups in the region. Last year, she won 8150’s Battle of the Bands with her group, OneHandDry.

Newman toured the midwest with his former band, Stil Gravy. Newman enjoys playing the bass and holding hands in the park.

Shmalla is a former member of Whister Poop. Shmalla goes by the nickname “Shmoo,” and now strives only to please the other members of The Meek.

Spaziani played with Tongue in Groove, recorded albums with Ian Faith, played with the Dave Wild Quartet and has filled in for Flux on a consistent basis.

However, together The Meek has only played four shows so far, including the Vail Music Faire and Mango’s benefit concert for the Red Cliff fire.

“I’ve been playing around here for a long time, and I finally found these guys,” said Gosnel. “It looks like we’ll stick together for a long time. Everybody’s on the same page.”

The Meek practices at Spaziani’s place in Leadville, which uses solar power.

“We haven’t played that many shows, but the ones we’ve played have been relatively large,” said Gosnel. “We’re hoping to hook in with the mountains this winter, maybe play some shows in the Front Range and then head for the Midwest.

“We’re shooting for the gold, though. We’re going to rock as hard as we can, and we’re going to go as many places as we can.”

The Meek plans on recording its first studio album within the next few months.

“The music we play is really rhythm-driven, our vocals are pretty key and we also do some harmonies,” said Gosnel. “As for the covers, we use them to supplement our originals, so we have to pick and choose the good stuff.”

The Meek perform at Chilly Willy’s in Minturn today at 9 p.m.

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