Inn at Riverwalk in Edwards nearing finish of $3 million renovation, set to reopen Dec. 22 |

Inn at Riverwalk in Edwards nearing finish of $3 million renovation, set to reopen Dec. 22

The Inn at Riverwalk in Edwards, is in the final weeks of a $3 million renovation project. The top-to-bottom project is the first in the hotel's 20 years of business. The hotel will open to guests on Friday, Dec. 22.

About the Inn at Riverwalk

• The hotel opened in 1997.

• The builders/owners were Sandy and Kathy Treat and Hans and Carol Storr.

• The hotel has 60 guest rooms.

• The hotel is expected to open to guests on Friday, Dec. 22.

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EDWARDS — A lot of attention has been paid lately to the thorough renovation of a big hotel in Vail. But a smaller hotel in The Riverwalk at Edwards is also getting an extensive re-do.

The Inn at Riverwalk closed just after Labor Day of this year for a $3 million renovation. That renovation work is now in its final stages, and management is confident the work will be done by Wednesday, Dec. 20, and the hotel reopened by Friday, Dec. 22, just in time for Christmas-season guests.

“It’s exciting to see this project come to fruition,” general manager Matt Tabor said.

During a recent tour, the hotel still echoed with the sound of power tools, and workers were busy from the main-floor lobby to the top floor, painting, laying down flooring and completing a host of other jobs.

People who return to the hotel this season will immediately notice the changes.

There’s new flooring, as well as a relocated front desk and redone lobby. The flooring is tile that looks like gray wood, a good match for the gray “ghost wood” veneers.

First big renovation

This top-to-bottom renovation is the first big one in the 20 years the Inn at Riverwalk has been open.

“We’re bringing it to the level Vail Valley customers expect,” Tabor said.

Aside from refreshing the look of the hotel, there’s also a better use of space. Tabor pointed out gear storage areas in the lobby and a place where guests can get a quick cup of coffee — although not the K-cup kind.

There’s also a gear garage, which will be home to items from bicycles in the summer to snowshoes in the winter.

Tabor said the bikes will have foam-filled tires, so guests don’t have to worry about flat tires.

While it’s a bit hidden away, the hotel’s small conference room is also being refreshed. That room gets a good bit of use from locals, as well as guests, Tabor said.

“Local attorneys will use it for depositions,” Tabor said.

The better use of space means the hotel’s fitness center has moved from its former windowless space inside the hotel to the airy third floor of the nearby First and Main Building.

There’s a brace of new, high-tech machinery ready for use, and those in the room will have a commanding view to the north.

Back at the hotel, the outdoor pool and hot tub — both of which are open all year — also received a new look, from bottom of the pools to the surrounding deck areas to the new poolside furniture.

In the rooms

The back entrance to the hotel is currently blocked by big Dumpsters. Once those are gone, there’s easy access from the hotel’s interior.

Back inside, Tabor led the small tour group into one of the guest rooms. This one, the display unit, is one of the 60-room hotel’s 14 rooms with a king-size bed. The remaining rooms will each have two queen-sized beds.

The renovated room has a small bench over the heating/air-conditioning unit. That both covers up the unit and provides a handy spot for either seating or a place to put luggage.

In the room, Tabor and project owner’s representative John Evans pointed out both aesthetic and functional touches and some of the things that have brought the hotel an Actively Green certification.

The lights are energy-efficient LEDs, and all the lamps have plugs for either 110-volt electric power or device charging with USB cords. The toilets are all low-flow units.

The hotel also has an extensive recycling program, and the in-room coffee makers will make one-cup servings without using K-cups.

“We’ve seen customer comments,” Tabor said. “The guests have noticed.”

Evans said the hotel’s owners want the facility to remain an independent property, not part of a brand. But, he added, the hotel is part of the Choice Hotels Ascend Collection. That will make the hotel more accessible to more people.

Still, the hotel will likely remain popular with locals who have company coming in to town. And, Tabor said, the hotel will still be positioned as the “best value” with ski-season guests.

It all starts on Friday, Dec. 22.

Vail Daily Business Editor Scott Miller can be reached at 970-748-2930, and @scottnmiller.

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