Innovation Makes Kitchens Convenient, Functional and Stylish |

Innovation Makes Kitchens Convenient, Functional and Stylish

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The kitchen has become the center of the action in today’s home. It’s used for everything from entertaining to doing homework. Oh, and cooking, too. The amenities found in the kitchen reflect this multi-tasking. You’re likely to find a computer and a television in the room in addition to more traditional appliances.

But the fundamental role of the kitchen hasn’t changed – and neither has the desire of home cooks for features that make the kitchen functional and practical as well as attractive. “Double ovens, commercial-grade appliances and solid surface countertops were once found only in upscale homes, but they are becoming the standard for all kitchens as they go from being behind the scenes to the forefront of the action,” notes Jamie Hurd, academic department director of interior design at The Art Institute of Portland.

All of these upgrades add style to a room that many consider the focal point of their homes. “In newer homes, the kitchen often opens up into the family room, becoming part of the living area,” says Hurd. For this reason, in addition to state-of-the-art appliances, homeowners are adding other stylish elements as well, such as colorful tiled backsplashes and beautiful wood cabinets.

“People realize the value of a good kitchen, and the value it adds to their homes,” says Hurd. And details like plumbing and lighting are just as important as the right appliances. Two new sinks and accessories from Kohler reflect the trend of kitchens that work hard and look great. Cast iron sinks with Smart Divide functionality provide the best of both worlds – the convenience of a double-basin sink and the roominess of a single-basin sink. Kohler accomplishes this thanks to a basin divider that is half the height of conventional dividers and thereby offers greater clearance between the faucet and the mid-section of the sink.

Thanks to this innovative design, the Smart Divide sink is better suited to accommodate larger pots and pans with extended handles. It also helps save water, since extra long pots and pans can be more fully submerged, meaning less water is required to soak the cookware. The Smart Divide sinks are available in two models, Iron/Tones and Langlade.

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Homeowners who want streamlined functionality will love the accessories they can use with the sinks, including Kohler’s popular Forte pullout kitchen faucet. Graceful and functional, the spout height and reach are generous enough to provide added clearance when handling large containers. The pullout spray head is easy to maneuver and the spray pattern can be changed with one hand. It is easy to maintain, featuring a MasterClean Sprayface that withstands calcium buildup and can be cleaned simply by rubbing the sprayface with a fingertip. The faucet is available in a number of finishes to fit any decor.

If you’re searching for an uncluttered look for your kitchen, you can add a hot water dispenser for making instant coffee or tea and put soap or lotion dispenser under your sink for a sleek look. A new universal cutting board means you can wash and chop your produce right at the sink no matter what size your kitchen sink happens to be.

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